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We have seen the results of people not choosing granite fountains and rather opting for concrete or limestone—and believe us, it isn't pretty!

Did you know?
Granite fountains last for GENERATIONS!

Especially if you live in a climate that freezes and thaws at different points of the year, and IF you want your fountain to stay in one piece, having a granite fountain is essential.

Stay away from other materials

  • In any climate, concrete or limestone fountains will one day wear away due to the elements.
  • They are more porous, which allows unwanted liquid to soak in.
  • Weak concrete will crack from freezing and thawing.
    • In other words, this will happen:
This is a failing fountain, just one reason to buy granite fountains.
Notice the cracks, chips, and color fading of this failing fountain.

Worry no more—make your life easier with granite

  1. Leave it out all year! Why would you want to disassemble and carry a heavy inferior fountain into storage during the cold season, when granite fountains can stay outdoors for all 365 days?
  2. No fixing or filling cracks! Granite fountains do not crack or chip as their counterparts do.
  3. Covering is overrated. With granite, it's OK to let water sit in the basin, so you need not worry about covering it.
  4. It's cleanable. Granite can be washed with acid and other tough cleaners, unlike their porous counterparts.
  5. It won't wear down: Rain, wind, snow, sleet, and ice will not harm granite fountains.

“100% Quality - Professional work and professional help & guidance all the way through the process.”  —Bill R., Customer

“Our home has many unique and beautiful aspects, all achieved with your help. The concern and dedication that you and your staff showed to us was wonderful.” —Dennis G., Customer

Granite fountains are beautiful

The beauty of granite fountains lays not only in their colorful and elegant designs, but in their strength as well.

We let our fountains flow during cold Wisconsin winters, which allows for a breathtaking display such as this:

Here the granite fountain is during the fall.The onset of winter froze some of the runoff of this granite fountain into icicles.This is a frozen granite fountain in the depths of winter.

Find granite fountains at Carved Stone Creations

We will replace our granite fountains, but we haven't ever had to since they are so durable!

"We appreciate the time you spent taking our ideas and meshing them with your products and sources, as well as the design concepts you prepared which skillfully brought our ideas into reality."
—Dennis G.

Have a granite fountain custom designed for you!

At Carved Stone Creations you can work with us to create custom granite fountains for any purpose.

Click here to request a custom granite fountain


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